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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Managing Facebook (K2 #56)

Question of the Week
My Facebook page is packed with so many photos of cats from some of my friends. Is there a way to prevent these photos but without unfriending my friends?
— Tsewang D., Paro

Dear Tsewang,
Facebook tries to put the most interesting, relevant, or important posts from your friends at the top of your Facebook News Feed, but obviously their system is not perfect. The News Feed can quickly become overwhelming with tons of cat photos, baby photos, or the latest status updates from MBK mall in Bangkok...

Luckily, Facebook has options to control the amount and type of information that lands in your News Feed, without the need to unfriend your cat-adoring acquaintances. The easiest option is to completely hide a friend from your News Feed. It’s easy to do: Just go to the friend’s page, click on the Friends button on the top-right (the button with the check mark), and a menu will pop up with a “Show in News Feed” option. If you uncheck this option, you will stop seeing any posts from this friend in your News Feed. Don’t worry - your unsuspecting friend will not be aware of that! Alternatively, you can fine-tune the information you see from your friend. Just click on the Settings option (below the “Show in News Feed” option), and a second menu will pop up. This sub-menu will allow you to decide how often you want to see posts from this friend (All Updates, Most Updates, Only Important), and which types of posts (Life Events, Status Updates, Photos, and more). One small shortcut: Instead of going to your friend’s page, you can also hover the mouse cursor above a friend’s name in your News Feed and wait a second or two for the menu to pop up.

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