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Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Time for Prepaid 3G Plans

Mobile prepaid subscribers who use their phones to access the internet have to pay exuberant fees when using their phone to surf the web, send email, or stream videos. B-Mobile, for example, charges Nu 3000 per GB for their "pay as you go" plan - the only one available to prepaid phone subscribers.

With the improvement in Bhutan Telecom's 3G services, it is now time to move on to the next logical step: offering affordable prepaid 3G plans to mobile users. Currently, 3G plans are available for postpaid data-cards only, costing between Nu 200 to Nu 300 per GB, depending on the plan. These rates should also be available to smartphone users. For many users, these 3G prepaid plans will be their gateway to the Internet, thereby helping to narrow the growing broadband gap.

P.S.: With 3G prepaid plans, many subscribers will also find that carrying a data-card becomes unnecessary, as many smartphones can be tethered to a laptop, acting as de-facto data-card. This will reduce the number of mobile devices, which can help reduce the load on the mobile networks.


  1. What will be the amount if i use extra 1GB data more then the plan that i have subscribed to. How much extra i have to pay if my plan is 99 (bmobile) and i have used 1GB extra. Which plan will be the amount better, Nu.99 (333 mb) or Nu. 999 (5.5GB) - in postcard packages.

  2. I am surprised by the amount of money BMobile deducts from our phone upon using 3G. I thought it was too much, when Broadband has comparatively lesser rate... waiting for improvements...

    By the way can we tether iPhone to our laptop as you mentioned?


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