Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bhutan trending on India's Twittersphere

When the power grid collapsed yesterday across Northern India, Bhutan's hydroelectricity was used to run the Delhi Metro.  The fact that the small neighbor from the North was saving the giant Elephant did not escape the eyes of many witty Indian tweeters, and so "Bhutan" is currently trending in top 10 keywords - perhaps the first time in Twitter's history.

Here are some of the pearls of wisdom currently found on Twitter regarding the two countries:
  • Bhutan: The inverter of India. (@sidin)
  • India's Current friend is Bhutan. (@ImSandeshJain)
  • PMO got power from Bhutan. The rest of India blows a fuse (@etteth)
  • BREAKING NEWS: India to borrow power from Bhutan, manpower from China and create a whole new country. (@lindsaypereira)
  • India to buy Electricity from Bhutan, offers to give Arnab Goswami in return... (@iNeelSoni)
  • "You give us power, we'll buy all your Druk jams & sauces." - India to Bhutan. (@suhel)
  • So finally its proved that Bhutan is more powerfull than India !!! ‏(@DhoopAshwini)
  • India is too reliant on external sources for Power, Bhutan provides Power to our Trains, Italy provides Power to our PM. (@BwoyBlunder)
  • Bangladeshi immigrants have threatened to immigrate to Bhutan if power cuts continue in India.#PowerGrid (@santa_banta)
  • #Bhutan trending on @Twitter after power failure in India. India's loss Bhutan's gain :) (@dkawasthi)
  • India's power centre in no longer Delhi, its BHUTAN. New Parliment is going to be shifted to Bhutan.. (@depakand)
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