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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Upgrading to Windows 8 (K2 #37)


Should I upgrade to Windows 8?
-- Kinley D., Paro


Dear Kinley,

Hold your horses! Windows 8 is only scheduled for release in October 2012. It will include several new features, including a new tablet-compatible user-interface, an application store, and other nifty additions. But my recommendation is not to rush to upgrade. As with many new software product releases, it is often smarter to wait and not be on the “bleeding edge” of technology. Remember Windows Vista, the much-touted operating system? Most people were better off without it. If you are happy with your existing operating system, whether it is Windows XP or Windows 7, wait a few months after Windows 8’s release before making the leap.


I often get a headache when sitting in front of the computer. Is this common?
 -- Jigme P., Bumthang


Dear Jigme,

Headaches can be caused by many factors, and it is always advisable to check out a recurring condition with a physician. At the same time, headaches are indeed common among those sitting long hours in front of the computer. Surprising as it may seem, our bodies have evolved to look for food and run away from bears, not to chat with our Facebook friends on a glowing screen. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours can create various health problems, including neck strain, backaches, vision issues and headaches. Some people even develop serious pain and numbness in the arm, a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused by excessive typing on a keyboard.

Two changes to consider are (1) Get up every hour or so, stretch, walk around, and look at a far-off object to rest your eyes (2) Correct placement of the chair, desk, monitor, keyboard and mouse are necessary to prevent many of these potential health issues. There are also various accessories, such as a mouse pad with a wrist-rest that can help a lot. The following resource has good information and tips to help you get started:

If your headaches persist even after making these adjustments, you may want to visit the physician after all.

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