Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Online course "Forecasting" opens Mar 30

Forecasting is an important tool for planning. How many tourists are expected next season? What is the expected electric power demand in Thimphu tomorrow? How many new students will enroll next year in different schools in Thimphu? How to forecast monthly demand for different medications at the hospitals and BHUs? And how certain are you of these estimates?

Textbook for online course "Forecasting"
Learn about popular forecasting methods and how to implement them in practice through a hands-on online course. I'll be instructing a 4-week Forecasting course on This is a practical course that introduces forecasting methods, performance evaluation, and much more. The course is of interest to researchers and practitioners in education, environmental sciences, agriculture, tourism and more.

Pre-requisite: a university-level unit/module in statistics.

The course is offered online and offers special low rates for Bhutanese (no need for credit card and you receive the course eBook for free). For further details and registration contact me at