ThimphuTech was the first technology blog in Bhutan. We started writing it in 2009, just as broadband and mobile internet started to take off. (Although internet in Bhutan was launched in 1999, it was either super-slow or super-expensive, and was only used by a selected few).

In the blog, we wrote about technology and food, but also about plenty of other stuff. The blog became popular and influential in Bhutan. A companion bi-weekly column -- Ask Boaz -- was published for many years in the Kuensel, Bhutan's national newspaper. (The complete Kuensel columns are available as an ebook, Blogging with Dragons).

We stopped updating the blog when we left Bhutan in 2014, but the information within the posts can still prove useful, and thus we decided to keep it online.

We thank all our readers.
Tashi Delek,
Boaz & Galit.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Online Grocery Shopping in Thimphu

Check out Green Mart at, a new online grocery shop in Thimphu. You register, select the items, add them to the virtual cart, and then check out.

You can order anytime. Delivery is done 7 days a week, either during lunch break (1-2pm) or in the evening (5-8pm). These time slots are convenient. There's no minimum order, and the delivery fee is Nu 50 in Thimphu proper and Nu 70 in extended areas. Given the current taxi fares, the shipping fee is very reasonable. And best -- you pay cash on delivery.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BBS 1, Currently Not a Free Public Service

Bhutan Broadcasting Service has recently launched a new channel, BBS 2. The existing transmission towers are now broadcasting the second channel instead of the first one. If you have a television set with an antenna, you can receive BBS 2, but not BBS 1.

Speaking to BBS, they verified that currently the only way to watch BBS 1 is by having a cable subscription. This is supposed to change in the future, and both channels should be available over-the-air. Right now, however, BBS 1 is not free.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Chewing on Chugo

From time to time I treat myself to a smoky piece of chugo, the rock-hard, long-lasting, protein-rich yak cheese from Haa. Little did I know that I was actually eating, well, there's no way around it: I was eating a  dog treat...

Friday, February 24, 2012

3G: From Theory to Practice

About a year ago we wrote about the importance of a wide-coverage 3G network. Apparently, things are starting to change. According to recent news articles (KuenselBhutan Today) coverage is about to increase, starting with Paro, Gelephu and Phuentsholing.

The End of Broadband Recharge Cards

A museum piece?
They were good while they lasted. But apparently Bhutan Telecom's  broadband recharge cards are no longer available. These cards had the great advantage of saving a trip to the BT office for customers using the prepaid broadband option. I guess all good things eventually come to an end. Impermanence.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stay Signed In? (K2 #31)

Question of the Week
Should I check the "Stay signed in" box when I log into my Gmail account?
-- Dechen, Motithang HSS

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Formatting Memory Card (K2 #30)

Question of the Week My memory card looks like it doesn’t work. I am not able to open it, and it won’t even let me format it.
What can I do?
-- Rinzin Phelgay, MoE