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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Help a baby owl

I re-posting an email from Hendrik and Marianne of the Pilou Animal Shelter.
This may seem off-hand a bit of a weird request, but we are looking for small dead rodents and birds. We have rescued a baby owl and for his nutrition it is important that s/her eats fur, skin, feathers and small bones next to meat. Since we do not want to kill any animals, so we would like to ask anybody who may find a dead small animal to give us a call so we can pick it up. Of course we need to be careful, especially concerning the rodents, that they are not killed by poisons or pesticides, since that would also pose risks to the owl. So if you know this is the case, please do tell us!

Your help is really appreciated, since without this kind of food the owl will have very little chances of survival. That one dead mouse you find may just make the difference!

Thank you very much in advance!

Pilou Animal Shelter
Hejo – Thimphu

Mob: 17605878 or 17603516 (Marianne)
Home: 02 336519

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  1. I guess it is the same Owl that has been handed over to Mr. Sherub (Bird) few months ago.


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