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In the blog, we wrote about technology and food, but also about plenty of other stuff. The blog became popular and influential in Bhutan. A companion bi-weekly column -- Ask Boaz -- was published for many years in the Kuensel, Bhutan's national newspaper. (The complete Kuensel columns are available as an ebook, Blogging with Dragons).

We stopped updating the blog when we left Bhutan in 2014, but the information within the posts can still prove useful, and thus we decided to keep it online.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Business Opportunities Corner: Data Recovery Service

If your hard disk just crashed, you are probably having one of those blissful, blood-pressure-lowering, mantra-inducing Buddhist moments, realizing that indeed nothing is permanent.
On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to be able to pop over to "Takin Data Recovery Services", where you can hand over the hard disk to the nice lady at the counter, and within a day or two your recovered files will be returned to you on a brand new hard disk?

Well, the only problem with this scenario is that, well, there's no "Takin Data Recovery Services", or any other service in Bhutan that can recover files from crashed disks - yet. But with appropriate training, software and hardware, someone in Bhutan might be able to return the smile to the faces of people who thought their photos are gone forever, as well as earn some tiru - and good karma - at the same time.

Disclaimer: Our ideas are just ideas, not necessarily sound business advice. If this business already exists in Thimphu and we missed it, please let us know! Before rushing to implement the idea, do some research about costs. Create a spreadsheet with the costs and see how much you will need to earn to break even and to make a profit. See if you can survive for a year with no profit and perhaps loss, until the business is more established. The best approach is to consult with organizations that help local entrepreneurs such as the Loden Foundation.

We're also glad to post good ideas from our readers! Please email us your idea.

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