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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Wheel and the Stick

An anonymous artist drew this thought-provoking graffiti in a hidden corner of Thimphu's clock tower square. We've heard several interpretations of this drawing. What do you think is the meaning of this?

The Wheel and the Stick
Note: Apparently, the doma stains are not part of the original art.


  1. Ha ha ha I was about to ask you if the red paint was part of the art...
    Well, I am impressed. It explains in simple terms to me.

  2. Yap I have noticed this long time back and even took some pictures in my mobile.
    Thought of uploading into my facebook account but somehow could not do so.

    Well that kid(seems he is a small kid to me as he is struggling to reach to that prayer wheel) is lost between the two worlds-1.path of righteousness(dharma)which is clearly indicated by the prayer wheel.And he might be chanting "om mani padme hum" at this time.
    2.path of unrighteousness(adharma)which is again indicated by that grenade(obviously not stick as we can see fuse too).Whoever has drawn that has provoked a thought into those who have seen it and it passes a strong message infact.

  3. @mimi, I thought it looked more like a dynamite *stick*, hence the title. But I might be wrong.

  4. O ok dynamite stick...umm!!!

  5. The artist is Chand, an animator and artist with VAST.
    Bhutan Observer wrote a story about him which, sadly, began thus: "Do not be scared if you see a shadowy figure discreetly writing or drawing on the walls of Thimphu buildings by the night. On closer observation, you will notice that he is a graffiti artist at work."
    The paper "changed his name" as Chand to keeo his identity anonymous.


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